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Cold Compression Therapy for your comfort and rehabilitation

Your caregivers want you to be productive in your rehab and comfortable during your stay. In keeping with those goals, you will be receiving an SMI Cold Therapy Wrap to help ease post-operative pain and swelling that might keep you from getting back on track! Your SMI Cold Therapy Wrap is effective and simple-to-use, and you will be encouraged to apply it throughout your hospital stay and at home through the duration of your recovery.


When you are ready to go home

Be sure to take your SMI Cold Therapy Wrap and both sets of Gel Bags with you for continued comfort and use throughout your rehabilitation. If you don’t already have them, ask your nurse or aide to retrieve your SMI Gel Bags from the patient freezer.


Home use precautions

Always follow your medical professional’s application instructions upon discharge. Your SMI Cold Therapy Wrap and Gel Bags are designed to last for months following your surgery. Never heat the Gel Bags unless specified by your healthcare provider. Supervision is advised when using this product on children or geriatric patients. To avoid danger of suffocation, please keep the outer plastic packaging away from children & pets.


Cold Therapy Instructions

        • Place Gel Bags in a freezer set ¾ of the way to max temperature for at least (4) Hours. For best results, lay the Gel Bags flat and side-by-side in the freezer. Once frozen, slide Gel Bags into the gel pouch and secure your wrap to the affected area with the straps.
        • Gel Bags that have been stored in a freezer for an extended period of time may require a (10) minute period of softening up in a room temperature environment before application.
        • The gel pouch acts as a protective barrier. NEVER place frozen Gel Bags directly onto skin, as this may cause frostbite injury.
        • The SMI Cold Therapy Wrap is designed to be able to be worn while ambulating. The compression straps can be secured well enough so that the Wrap won’t fall off while moving.
        • Wrap Application Videos can be viewed at smicoldtherapy.net/video-library.
        • An additional protective barrier such as clothing, a washcloth, hand-towel or pillowcase may be used during prolonged treatment applications.
        • The Gel Pouch and Wrap are both Latex-Free and the Gel Bag ingredients are non-toxic.

SMI Wrap care instructions

The SMI Cold Therapy Wrap may be hand or machine washed with a mild detergent. AIR DRY ONLY. Disinfectant wipes such as Clorox or Lysol may be used for spot cleaning on both the Wrap and Gel Bags. Take care not to let lint, dust, or hair build up on the hook and loop tabs, as this would impede a secure attachment.

Per TSA guidelines, SMI Gel Bags will not pass through airport TSA checkpoints unless they are frozen or partially frozen.

SMI re-order information

Additional SMI body specific wraps and/or Gel Bags can be re-ordered from smiwraps.com or call 877-ICE-WRAP (877-423-9727)

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“Stays put and stays cold better than anything I’ve ever used!”

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