Join the over 500 hospitals & facilities using SMI Cold Therapy Wraps on over 11,000 patients per week! Experience a new level of ease and comfort for post-surgical cold therapy.

Woman Wearing an SMI Knee Wrap
Icon for Compression

Superior Compression

Our extra wide proprietary straps drive cold therapy into the joint to help reduce inflammation for greater patient pain relief and edema reduction. 

They provide a snug fit to promote full ambulation without constricting circulation. All this adds up to improved patient compliance and experience! 

Maximum Mobility Icon

Maximum Mobility

It’s time to unplug! With SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wraps, patients are free to move around unencumbered by the tubing and power cords of cooling machines. 

Increase patient mobility and compliance while simplifying the post-op ice therapy protocols for your nursing staff. 

Woman Ambulation wearing a SMI Knee Wrap
SMI Gel Bags
Icy Cold for Hours Icon

Icy Cold For Hours

Designed to cool the joint for 3+ hours, SMI cold therapy ice packs allow for safe, continuous cold therapy for patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries. Our specialized ice pillows in every gel bag act like ice cubes in a drink, to help maintain the temperature of the joint without any skin or nerve damage. 

Our proven clinical process simplifies orthopedic nursing and allows for enhanced patient outcomes – better non-pharma pain control, faster patient discharge, and reduced cost. 

A Friendly SMI Sales Rep


We offer a unique, low-cost marketing opportunity for your hospital or surgery center! Easily place any facility’s logo on each body-site specific compression wrap to help promote Orthopedic and Spine Programs. 

Nurse with an SMI Freezer

Our Freezer program

Did you know? SMI Cold Therapy provides AND replaces all freezers at no charge to the hospital or surgery center. We can outfit surgery and inpatient nursing teams with complimentary freezers to accommodate any clinical setting.

Nurse Comparing SMI Wraps to Ice Bag

TRUST CLinical data

SMI Cold Therapy is the only compression wrap clinically proven to perform as well as the circulating cooling machines at a fraction of the cost. SMI offers the same efficacious cold therapy as the coolers without the need for tubes, power cords or pounds of ice!


SMI Cold Therapy wraps are the ultimate solution for patients seeking relief during their recovery and beyond. Our high-quality wraps empower patients to lead active and fulfilling lives with reduced pain. Experience the transformative power of our wraps and discover the true meaning of comfort. The future of cold therapy is here. Trust SMI Cold Therapy for unrivaled results.

“I have been working in orthopedics for ten years and this is by far my favorite product with regard to cold therapy. The SMI wraps are easy to use, slim and compact, and their simplistic design eliminates malfunction. Patients find the wraps user friendly and practical. My rep always goes above and beyond to make sure I have what I need and that our patients are taken care of.”

Joint Care Coordinator

Tennessee Hospital

Cold Therapy That's Easy to Use

No cold therapy method is easier to use than SMI Cold Therapy compression wraps! In just 4 quick and easy steps, your patients can be experiencing the benefits of comfortable and efficient cold therapy. Not only are SMI wraps easy to apply, it’s easy to ambulate while wearing one — NO tubing, NO power cords, NO mess! NO kidding!

Nurse Inserting Gel Bag into an SMI Wrap

Step ONE

Slide the frozen gel bag(s) into the antimicrobial pouch

Nurse Securing Velcro Tabs on an SMI Wrap

Step TWO

Secure the velcro tab closures on each pouch

Nurse Molding an SMI Wrap on her forearm


Mold the wrap with gel bags in it around your forearm to soften it up

Nurse Applying an SMI Wrap to a Patient


Place the wrap on the patient and secure with the compression straps

“I have had great experience with the wraps. Patients love them for their convenience and comfort. The surgeons love the patients’ compliance with the product and benefit from cold therapy.”

Orthopedic Coordinator

Florida Hospital

“SMI has been there for us. We have a need and they’re there! Response time to our needs is also excellent. Patient’s love the product and I couldn’t be happier with the service that SMI has provided our organization/hospital.”

Orthopedic Navigator

Oregon Hospital

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