Why SMI?

What Makes Us Different?

At SMI Cold Therapy, we believe that “Simple is Always Better!” Why deal with the hassle of messy ice bags that sweat and leak when strapping on a SMI compression wrap is simple, mess-free and more effective at relieving pain and swelling? Why deal with the hassle of cooling machines that require wet, drippy ice, inconvenient tubing and restrictive power cords when a SMI wrap stays snuggly in place and allows for maximum mobility? Why not experience the SMI Advantage that over 475 programs have discovered and are now enjoying?

Nurse Holding an SMI Wrap and an Ice Bag

“Their product is solid and many patients learn to love them because one person can manage it, it’s mobile and easy. We are satisfied because of their terrific customer service!”

Director of Rehab Services

California Hospital

Doctor and Patient Wearing a SMI Neck Wrap

SMI Wraps Check All the Boxes


  • Clinical data shows the efficiency of our wraps vs. ice bags and electric/gravity coolers
  • The only wrap and gel bag system that provides continuous, safe cold therapy when gel bags are rotated every 4 hours
  • Proven process that leads to patient safety and infection control improvements
  • Least amount of nurse/staff intervention vs. any other cold therapy product
  • Helps encourage patients and family members to be involved in an active rehab process
  • No more wet dressings, clothing and linens
  • Established results with ALL patients – Pediatric, Bariatric, Geriatric
  • Private Logo Program – We can place your facility logo on the wraps to help meet your yearly marketing goals
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