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Why do I need Cold Therapy?

Pain and Swelling are two of the most unpleasant side effects of orthopedic trauma and surgery. Cold therapy is widely recognized as one of the most effective treatment methods to combat these issues. Cold therapy also helps reduce the need for pain medications. It speeds the recovery process and gets you back to the pain free life you deserve. How does it work? It decreases fluid buildup (swelling) and slows the release of chemicals that cause pain and inflammation. It decreases pain by reducing the ability of the nerve endings to conduct impulses and provides pain relief by limiting the muscles ability to maintain contraction which reduces muscle spasms.

Is Cold Therapy right for me?

Cold therapy may not be for everyone and can result in skin injury if misused. Your doctor will evaluate your medical history and any potential risks associated with cold therapy and will determine if a cold therapy system is right for you.

How do SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wraps work?

SMI Cold Therapy wraps deliver a quick blast of cold within a comfortable temperature range then, as the gel thaws, the gel pillows will stay frozen to allow for longer-term application. The compression wraps provide comfortable compression for relieving swelling at the injury site, which aids in the healing process. The compression straps will also keep the wrap in place to allow for full mobility while continuing the cold therapy.

Since your Cold Therapy Wraps go on top of the surgical dressing, will the cold effectively penetrate post-op bandages?

Yes, SMI 3 + Hour Gel Bags are the coldest when they come out of the freezer and will penetrate through even the thickest of bandage dressings. Once the thermal heat transfer occurs and the surgical site is cooled down, the patient will have continuous cold therapy applications following a Gel Bag changing cycle of every (4) hours.

Once the surgical dressing is removed, can the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap be placed against the skin?

Yes, the SMI Compression Pouch acts as a protective barrier. For patients that have cold sensitivity, a hand towel or pillowcase can be added between the wrap and skin.  The elastic straps allow for variable compression. Simply loosen the straps for less cold or tighten the straps for more cold application.

Will the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap be effective on top of an ACL brace, knee or shoulder immobilizer, or CPM?

Yes, the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap always goes on top of any type of post-op brace or immobilizer.  The elastic straps and Wrap envelop the brace or immobilizer and will penetrate for cold applications.  Simply position the Gel Pouch to effectively cover the affected area and secure the elastic straps for a snug fit.

How do SMI Cold Compression Wraps provide continuous cold therapy?

While you are wearing the Compression Wrap with your first set of Gel Bags, the second set should be re-freezing in a freezer.

SMI 3+ hour Gel Bags take (4) hours to re-freeze. Once the Gels are no longer cool to the touch, or about the (4) hour mark, you may replace them with the extra set of frozen Gel Bags. This provides a continuous cold therapy application.

How does this product compare to electric cooling machines?

The SMI Cold Compression Wrap is the only product of its type to be clinically proven to perform just as well as, or better than, electric powered cooling machines in all aspects measured.

When I feel the Gel Wrap Liner, why doesn't it feel very cold at all?

The elastic compression straps help drive the cold through to the surgical site and the surrounding area. While it may not feel cold to the touch, the compression delivers a safe, therapeutic cold therapy temperature to the affected area.

How does the SMI Cold Therapy Wrap encourage patient ambulation and an active rehab?

The Compression Straps can be easily positioned for a comfortable and snug fit. Once in position, you may ambulate without the wrap migrating.

Is there any risk of skin breakdown or frost-bite from using this product?

Not as long as the product is always applied with the gel bags in the SMI Cold Therapy wrap. The gel bags are designed to give a quick blast of cold to transfer initial heat out of the joint. After about an hour, the gel is melted and the mini gel bags remain frozen to maintain the already cold joint’s temperature without continuously cooling it.

Does Health Insurance cover the cost of the SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wrap?

Most insurance companies do not cover cold therapy, even if you have a scheduled surgery. However, your insurance company may reimburse you. Medicare cannot be billed for cold therapy. Cold Therapy is an important step in your post-operative recovery. Most users are happy with their decision to use cold therapy despite the cost and they often recommend it to others.


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