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SMI Wraps Offer 3 Types of Therapies

No need to use different products for different therapies. Our wraps can do all three.

Cold Therapy


Cold Therapy

Also known as Cryotherapy, Cold Therapy is used mainly for joint pain and aches. It reduces blood flow to the area of the body to which it’s applied. This reduces the inflammation that leads to pain and can also temporarily reduce nerve activity. Additional effects include controlling hemorrhage, preventing edema (swelling) and blocking pain receptors.


Cold Therapy Therapeutic Uses:

  • Reduce or stop bleeding
  • Slow bacterial activity
  • Relieve postoperative pain following surgical procedure, dental surgeries, headaches, or muscle or joint injury.
  • Prevent swelling in injured tissues
  • Prevent peristalsis in patients with abdominal inflammation
  • Reduce bruising
  • Control pain and fluid loss in the initial treatment of burns
  • Diminish muscle contraction and spasm

Heat Therapy


Heat Therapy

Heat Therapy is used mainly for muscle pain and aches. It helps improve blood flow and circulation to an injured area and helps to relieve discomfort while improving muscle flexibility for recovery. Heat Therapy can also heal damaged tissue. Heat causes vasodilation of the blood vessels, which increases blood flow to the area of application. This in turn, increases the amount of oxygen, nutrients, and white blood cells delivered to the body tissues. In addition, vasodilation assists in the removal of waste products from injured tissues.


Heat Therapy Therapeutic Uses:

  • Relieve localized pain, stiffness, or aching in joints or muscles
  • Decrease muscle spasm and tightness
  • Increase muscle flexibility
  • Increase blood flow to the area
  • Promote wound healing
  • Reduce inflammation

Compression Therapy


Compression Therapy

Compression Therapy uses controlled pressure to increase blood flow to certain areas and improve blood flow to the heart. It supports veins and decreases edema (swelling). Compression Therapy is found to be the most effective when it’s combined with movement.


Compression Therapy Therapeutic Uses:

  • Prevention of leg swelling for people who stand or sit for long periods of time
  • Effective delivery of cold/heat to a targeted area of the body
  • Management of varicose veins
  • Used to treat Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)
  • Improves healing of leg ulcers & prevents them from coming back
  • Maintenance therapy for lymphedema
  • Improvement in chronic venous insufficiency & ulcer recurrence in older adults

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Now that you know about the three types of therapies you can experience with a SMI Cold Therapy Wrap, order one today so you can put them to work for you. We’re confident that one, or more, of the therapies will do the trick to relieve your pain and keep you moving so you can enjoy your favorite activities!


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