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Why Use SMI Cold Therapy?

Checkout all the reasons!

  • Nationally Acclaimed – Clinically Verified!
  • Use the products that over 500 hospitals nationwide rely on for pain and swelling control.
  • Clinically proven to outperform cumbersome motorized cooling machines at half the cost
  • Gel Pouch Liners act as a protective barrier between the gel bag and skin, are antimicrobial and wick away moisture to keep everything dry!
  • Gel bags provide 3+ Hours of cold therapy and are the longest lasting on the market.
  • Extra set of Gel Bags with each wrap to ensure you always have a set frozen and ready to go!
  • Four-way stretch compression straps that aid in cold delivery, swelling reduction, and allow for full mobility while doing daily activities.
  • Easy to apply – Simple is ALWAYS Better!
  • Machine washable (Air dry ONLY)
  • Zero Backorders
  • Live Customer Service
  • 100% Made and Sourced in the USA


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Place your order now to discover all the benefits of a SMI Cold Therapy Compression Wrap. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll know why SMI is the way to go for relief from pain!


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